Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Birthday Brush - by Michelle

So... today is my 50th birthday and Prema reminds me of this blog on our childhoods... how can I not write something on such an important day?

But this childhood memory is of a different birthday... you'll see. ;)

I am four or five, I can't remember now. I am small and tomorrow is my mother's birthday and I want to give her a gift, but... I am small. I have no money. I sit in my bedroom and I think. There has to be something I can do, something I can give her.

Then I remember the hair brush. It was a gift from a school friend. It is a hair brush shaped like a cat. It stands upright, the cat's body is the brush and the elegant long neck and head are the handle. It is white plastic, very shiny. I think it is the most beautiful hair brush ever. I go and find some old wrapping paper and I cover it up as best I can manage. It's a bit wrinkly, but it will do.

I give it to my mother the next day. She hugs me and thanks me before she puts the brush away in her dressing table.

How I miss my brush! It was such a beautiful brush. Sometimes I sneak into my mother's bedroom and I open the little door in her dressing table and I sit on the floor and stare at the smooth white cat staring back at me. My lovely brush. I miss you, but you were the best thing I had to give. We stare at each other in such sadness. I close the door...

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has commented on this so far.

This is a beautiful post, I can relate to the young child giving away what she thought would be appreciated and loved though she very much wants it for herself.

Thanks for writing it.