Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Four Girls - Play

Play time. Neighbour’s boy is the senior. “Teach her how to use your key-car. No, no, don’t give it to her. Just show her how it goes. Yaay. Clap, clap. Very nice". Sitting on mother’s lap, having neighbour-brother to guide, Smile.

Play time. “She is a brat. She does not listen to anyone. It is very difficult with her these days”. Proud words, coated or not, very clearly proud. Playing in the common landing, having neighbour-brothers and sisters to guide and fight, Smile.

Play time. “Chotu (small boy), will you keep an eye on her, I will be back in a minute, just have to grind something”. Playing with colourful toys, having neighbour-brother to guide, Smile.

Play time. “She gets bored with any new toy very soon. Look at her. There are so many toys in front of her. What do you want me to do? She is always following me wherever I go; to the kitchen, to the toilet. I can’t go to toilet. I keep the door open for her. Otherwise she cries. People in other flats might complain you know”. Mom always in the sight, and/or holding, Smile.

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1 comment:

Dadoji said...

> I can’t go to toilet. I keep the door open for her.

*nods head sagaciously*