Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Four girls - Dad's lil girl


Long day. Mmmhhhhmmm… “Meenu, come here da. Where is your mother? Still in the kitchen?" shakes head. "I want you to study well and become something really big. You should not depend on others. I don’t want my daughter working like a servant maid in the name of a daughter in law in somebody else house. I want you to be independent. You should study well and get a good job for that. You promise me you will do that?, Ahh, my chellam. Look. She is the dad's lil girl”.

Nod. Proud. Happy.



Long day. Frustration is an understatement. ~sigh~. “Preethu, come here da. What are you doing? Yeah, add one plus one, what do you get? Two, two, say two, two, yaay, she is a genius, Maths genius. Next Sakundhala Devi. Yeah. I want you to be intelligent. Get good marks in the 10th, get a seat in the maths group and then good marks in +2 and entrance exam.. There are no good coaching centres for the entrance exam these days. All are fraud people…”

Confused. Nod. Looking at the two fingers, seems something interesting. Happy.



Long day. Why the hell I always get a nutcase for Boss. ~sigh~ “Ritukutti, come here da. How is your vocabulary doing? What, ahh, your mom!!. Does she talk to you in Tamil? Tell her that she is an illiterate. English is important baby. You know, there is this TOEFL, and there are few other exams to pass…What is the new word you have learnt today? Dinner, say, dinner, dinnnnnnerer, dinner. Yeah. Good. Ask mom for dinner. Yaay. My daughter is definitely going to America. Flight, flight, zooooozooooooo”.

Happy. Zooooooozoooooo…thinner…



Long day. ~sigh~. “Nushamma, Nushukkutti, what are you doing? Come here da. What did you do today? you went to playgroup. Did you? Wow. What did you do? Is that butterfly you created? Wow. So beautiful. Did you colour it yourself? Wow. What, what, you got a new friend too? Who, Mia, is that her name.. what a beautiful name.. ok. What else did you learn?”..I should teach her some maths at home. I want her to be an accountant or a Doctor when she grows up…

Happy. Flying all around the house, like a butterfly…fly, fly, fly, fly…



டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

What happenned, no posts in Tamil blog???

Premalatha said...

Tamil Blog updated.

Dadoji said...

Should I be happy to note that I am not the only parent obsessed with child achieving proficiency in math and languages? I wonder...

Premalatha said...

// I wonder... //