Thursday, June 01, 2006

Four Girls - Pray

“Come here, come here, pray. Bring the palms together, close your eyes and pray. Yes, pray for good health for your grandparents, pray for good job for your father. Pray for a good future for yourself. Pray. Please apply some thiruneeru (holy ash) on her forehead, Priest”.


“Eh, come here. What are you doing so naughty. Pray. Hold, pchch, hold your palms together, stand still, what is mother teaching you, so disrespectful, stand still, hold your palms together, close your eyes, pray. Pray for good character, that you grow up to respect elders. Turn around, let me apply some thiruneeru. Don’t, don’t, pchch.. if you wipe it off, you will be sinned. You can go and play now”.


“It is prayer time. Come here. Pray. Hold your palms together, close your eyes pray. Pray that you will get to go to USA. Ask God. Ask him that you earn a lot of money. Ask him that you reach heights. Remember us when you are there, ha? Ahh, pray. Apply that thiruneeru. Ufff. Yeah, you can go and play now”.


“Pray. Hold your palms together, close your eyes. You have to remember our roots. This is how we do it. Hold your palms together, close your eyes. Pray. Wait, let me apply thiruneeru. Ufff. You can go now”.


Tamil version


MumbaiGirl said...

I like your Four Girls posts very much. Have you put them all together somewhere?

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Glad to see that the story continues!

Deepali said...

I liked it a lot.

Premalatha said...

Thank you all.

I need to give links to previous posts on "Four Girls". This one (Pray) is seventh. Will do later.

@MG, thanks for the suggestions. I think I should do it.

Varsha said...

different people...different views...nice one!