Sunday, October 22, 2006

Four Girls - Meena - Don't know what it is


I look around. Hope no one noticed me. Just a quick look back down the road. Yeah. I see his legs. He is still following me. He doesn’t live in my street. To his home, there is another straight route. But he still comes in this route. Also I see him waiting in that corner and following after me everyday after school. I go to my teacher’s house for tuition. I am bit relieved that he doesn’t follow me to my home or anywhere near my area. I don’t know how exactly I feel about it. I certainly do not like it. I am not that type of girl you know. But I still feel excited when I see his legs following me. I cannot stop my head turning around to look for his legs when I approach that corner where he waits for me and then follows me. One day I didn’t see his legs. That made feel little, how should say, not exactly upset, not exactly sad either, certainly confused and wanted enquire, Oh that might be right, I just wanted to know. You know, just my enquiring mind. That must be it then. It was just my enquiring mind. No, I recognise his legs and feet very well actually. I know his hawaii slippers. Slightly worn and faded a little. Not too bad you know. I like the fact that he is not wasting money on buying new one, when this old one is still in good condition. He is the right sort of guy for a good family. I know his family. They are good people. He studies well too, I have heard. Well, not too bad, actually. Grades in his class do not necessarily mean good character, do they? Sargunam in my class, though is a good competitor for me, doesn’t exactly qualify as a good charactered boy, does he? I must say I feel ashamed to have lost my grades to him in the last monthly test. I made sure I didn’t lose out in the quarterly exam. I came first. I don’t mind losing it to Anandhi. Never to Sargunam. He is an arrogant boy. Doesn’t think girls are any worth. Meeran is fine. He is a good friend of mine. He shows his marks and I show my marks to him always. We exchange notes too. Not a problem. Sargunam thinks he is something really big. He doesn’t answer to any question in the class. It is only in the exams somehow he makes it to good enough marks worthy enough to spy around to get a sneak peek at his marks. I have reached my teacher’s house. Just a quick look back. I smile to see those slippers guarding those feet resting at the corner seeing me off for today. Bye bye for today.


phantom363 said...

hi, i am the lucky one to get the first comment (i hope).

a very nice little situation of a teenage angst: marks, family and portent love.

will love bloom? will meena beat sargunam in the monthly tests? when will our hero and heroine talk to each other first time?

will there be a symbolism when she buys him a new pair of slippers?

we have to wait for the author's future installments (siggghhhhh) :)

Premalatha said...


You are flattering me. :D

There used to be my main commentor Draj. Then Sudha used to comment when she was jobless. Since these twos dissappearance, it is only you. So, when you comment, I wonder who is the lucky one here, the commentor or the author? :D

Premalatha said...

will love bloom? will meena beat sargunam in the monthly tests? when will our hero and heroine talk to each other first time?

This series is a different type. If you read the previous ones you will get some idea. I must warn you it is not complete (I mean it may not give you a complete picture of what I am trying to convey in the first place).

phantom363 said...

i am the lucky one because i get to enjoy all the hard work that you have. to me, it is sheer pleasure.

not to worry how it unravels. we will sip each a little of the ambrosia as the series unravels itself... :) :)

cheers .. :) :)

Anonymous said...

latha ponnu, i do still read and comment :X unga comment moderator only does sathi, imo.