Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Will change the template later

This is the best I could do now. not 100% satisfied. Will certainly change it later.

I am actually interested in using this template but, want to change the ocean for the goat-village picci I had as header before. I know it was a dark-shade picci, I can play around to bring the tone/color together. But I need photoshop (and time) to add screengirl and goat-village. Until then, it is the "premalatha lookalike girl" is going to be the header-picci. Not that I don't like this picci. It is one of my favs.

PS: the four comments were about my previous header-picci,

which can be found at
Free Image Hosting at

and its full picci can be found at
Free Image Hosting at

click on the images.


Dubukku said...

looks nice espcly that photo

Premalatha said...

Hi, thanks. :)
but would love to show those children's smile.


still having tech probs. don't know what. it says error in page!

Syam said...

there is no photo in that link, apdiye kombai dog kum add panni vidunga...

Premalatha said...


Sorry for not replying earlier. Sorry about the wrong link. Check the following link

apdiye kombai dog kum add panni vidunga...
should do. Will do.

Thanks for dropping by.

The Visitor said...

Your current template looks great!