Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hi Visitor,

This is for you.

Merry Christmas.

This was the white christmas we had in Scotland in the year 2004. The person in the above picture is a friend of ours. you can see him going crazy in the next picture.

The moon (or was it the sun?) so poorly in the following one.

Our friend did a nice job of shaking our picture. It is Balan and I in the following picture.

Merry christmas and Happy new year.


The Visitor said...

Thanks Latha for your wishes and the Christmas post. :)

B o o said...

Latha - I ve a nostalgic 2004 white xmas photos post too! :) Wishing you a wonderful Xmas and New year as well. Happy Holidays!

Dubukku said...

Namma 'Salangai Oli' photographer Baskar thaane athu??

Premalatha said...


Hope you had a nice christmas. Happy new year.

Boo, I saw that. I saw just after you posted it. :) Happy new year. Wishing you to get your visa soon.

yessu. athe friendu. I took soo many good photos for him. That place was surreal. It is called "Queen's view" in Scotland. Baskar went crazy. We got stuck in the country road because of heavy snow fall.. it was nice. :)