Thursday, February 21, 2008

Best Friend

Pachayamma is my mother’s best friend. From her childhood days. Best buddies they are. They gossip a lot and they claim that they are the best in bitching in town. They can bitch about you when you are sitting very much next to them, still you wouldn’t know a thing. They might even get you to nod or laugh for some of their remarks. Yeah. That bad they are. They can name nick names and form code words then and there. They understand each other perfectly well. Don’t know how. Chithi on the other hand, tags along them all the time, but understands nothing. Chithi doesn’t have any best friend of her own until she found her kind, the working kind. Now they have many things in common no one else can understand, but just them, you know, CL, PF and such things. Still chithi gets attracted to the gossiping experts when they start giggling with their famous start line, “ela, what are you doing”?

I guess murugeswari akka is my best friend as we have some common things to discuss about. Maths teacher, history teacher and stuff like that. We don’t gossip. We don’t know to gossip or we don’t know anything to gossip about. That is the truth, actually. No one tells me their secrets that I can tell my best friend and ask her to keep it a secret. No one gave me an opportunity to keep a secret a secret either. I guess lack of practise made me the worst secret keeper. No secret to gossip about means, no best friend. I have study friends, play friends, but no best friend.


Michelle said...

Nice one prema.

I never had a best friend in junior school. I had two friends in high school. One told me I was her best friend, but let me down so much I gave up on being her friend at all. The second best friend... We were only friends the last year of high school, but she was a true friend. We lost each other after that, but last year she found me in a Google search and we're emailing to catch up on over 20 years! wow... we both are OLD lol

I think it is more important to have many friends for many needs/interests than "best friends", but I am glad I have found my "old" friend again. :-)

ammani said...

I used to enjoy your earlier posts very much. Am glad this one's along the same lines. Acute insights using few words. Really good.

eve's lungs said...

Funny you are ! Its great fun to have a girlfriend like that .

Michelle said...

I have a challenge for you. I tried posting it at your other blog, but it just vanished - twice! :-O

Feel free to ignore it... or join in.