Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The foundation

Ambiga teacher does not want Anandi and I to be in the same team as the results will be skewed. So she has dropped the idea of having girls team vs. boys team for the competition. Yesterday she announced that today is going to be the competition day. We are all excited. first of all, there won't be any class today. secondly, it is fun. loads of fun. :-)

"when teacher?" girls ask our teacher. "Go inside. let us finish our class today and then do the competition", she has been telling this to all girls, arriving one by one. It is prayer time. We all go to the prayer area. "you know, there is going to be class first, and then only the competition.." "shhh, don't talk"......... nirarunkadeludththu...

Teacher, teacher, let us do the competition first and then do the class. Ambiga teacher knows that we won't sit quiet after a competition... we all shout, teacher teacher.. she has found out that we are not going to maintain silence, nor going to listen to her lecture, before the competition either. OK, OK, all stand up. Anandi, you go that side, Premalatha, you stay this side. you are the team leaders, and you take the responsibilities. It doesn't mean that you tell all the answers, you have to give your team members a fair chance.. "Teacher, teacher, tell her that she is allowed only two answers.." Anandi, the politician. I start defending myself.. "if noone from my team say the answer, and if I know, I should be allowed", "eh loosu (you stupid), if you get to give only two answers, doesn't that restrict her (Anandi) too?" teacher asks me. Clever Anandi replies, "No teacher, she didn't demand it, so I will answer as many questions I please".. indeed a loosu (stupid) I am. Ambiga teacher groups us into two teams, girls and boys combined. The competition begins.

(will be continued)


டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

hahahaha...Anandhi was pretty scheming, wasn't she?
Hey what happenned to the pangunipongal story???

sudha said...

"nirarunkadeludththu" ?

Premalatha said...

Hi DRaj,

Pangunipongal will continue too:-)

Hi Sudha,

We never used to know what we were singing, we used to sing some meaningless words..
Actually it is niradunkadaleduththu, - meaning (I am sure you know), "the water filled ocean gave birth to" It is our (I beleive in every school in Tamil nadu) prayer song), called "Thamilththaai vaalthu".

டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

Perhaps you shouldn't make us wait any further on "The Foundation" as well the "Pangunipongal Stories"

Premalatha said...

Thanks mate. I will surely post another one today. :-)

டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

Wonderful :)

Premalatha said...

Hi Draj,

Couldn't do today. I will try tommorrow, but definitely I will do during this weekend.


டி ராஜ்/ DRaj said...

No Problem. Just take your time :)

Raajk said...

That was Nice.

ammani said...

Ah, neerarum kadaleduthu...we use to sing that on thursdays I think at school assembly. I cannot wait to read how the competition went :)

ammani said...

As I was singing 'neerarum..' after reading your post, I remembered that bit where it goes 'vaazhthuthumey,...' at the end? Our teacher used to sing it at such a high pitch that none of could get ever keep up and when it came to the vaazhthuthumey bit, invariably, someone's voice would break and we'd all burst out laughing.

Premalatha said...

Hi Ammani, We sang "Nerarum" everyday. :-), but understood the meaning only after leaving school!
(I mean the first line starts from a broader picture and finally it closes in..)

Premalatha said...

We never followed any pitch. lol.
so, we never knew what was and who was wrong, so we never laughed at our singing! lol.

I learnt Maasil veenaiyum during my +2, I was amazed and confused by my "music teacher"'s teachings! I sing maasil veenaiyum and "ulagaum yaavaiyum" in same raagam and I think they go well. lol.
probably you may not be able tofigure out what it is that i am singing at all. lol.